In Peru travelers can discover a genuine variety of destinations. A need to adventure responds with trekking the Inca Trail and rafting the fairly gentle Urubamba River. The great wilderness welcomes the birdwatcher, the orchid fancier, photographers, etc.

Cultural attractions can direct their travels to impressing archaeological sites and a still vivid Indian folklore. Peru is the focus of South America's most importantpre-Columbian legacies. Its ancient cities from Cusco and Machu Picchu are spectacular sights. Its nature and wildlife extremely rich.

In Peru, travelers can count also on excellent dining, good shopping, an up-to-date hotel infrastructure and professional and reliable travel services. Above all they will find the Peruvians to be a warm and hospitable people.

Viajes D`Oro has a vast experience organizing trips to Peru for individuals as well as groups in the last 5 years.